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Please take a moment to read this. If you have 5 extra / this is a case worth of your help (link in bio!) Family separation, and every horror that follows, still keep me up at night. _______________ Resposting @borderangelsofficial horrifying accounts: Please share/donate LINK IN BIO Refugee family fleeing violence endured trauma of their child being ripped from their arms, and the SIX YEAR OLD daughter was physically/sexually abused TWICE in detention. Please help this family as they grapple with over 14k in past legal fees and the psychological needs of their traumatized baby "Mark Lane is representing one of the victims of Trump's family separation policy pro-bono and we need some help raising money. After fleeing violence in Guatemala, the family arrived in El Paso around 3 months ago. The 6 year old daughter was promptly separated from them and detained in a gov't contractor facility in Arizona for over 50 days. While there she was sexually and physically abused TWICE. After the first time, this SIX YEAR OLD was forced to sign a horrifying/dystopian statement that acknowledged she would keep her distance from the abuser (detailed in The Nation story here: Thankfully the family has been reunited but is now reckoning with nearly 14,000 in legal bills from before they were connected to Mark as well as the prospect of psychological care for their severely traumatized daughter. Please share and help even if you can!" via @guerojusticiero Mark Lane, thank you for everything you do, please let us know however we can help. #borderangels #peopleoverprofits #pueblosinfronteras #refugeesarewelcomehere #endfamilydetention #AbolishICE #ProsecuteIce

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