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I ve teamed up with @advayainitiative @christabel_rose to create @myecoresolution. Climate change, environmental destruction and mental illness are connected crises telling us that our way of life is neither working for us or the planet. It can be difficult to talk about environmental destruction when so much of the way we live is unsustainable. But this guilt, shame and fear is not serving us or our Earth. It prevents action, awareness raising and conversation - the three things that we really need right now. #MyEcoResolution is not about being perfect but about going in the right direction. Through awareness we can take action and make positive changes to our daily lives in order to help prevent climate change and mental illness. Join me to make an Eco Resolution and follow the instructions above. The effects of our actions create ripples that turn into waves. Let s not forget our power. Let s embrace a sea of change. Tag us and we will post our favorites xxx

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