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Do the Light Thing: Choose a Lighthouse Just for Yourself! Experience the sea first-hand, feel for a moment how it is to be on a boat that's not headed anywhere. You are surrounded by the sea from all sides, exposed to the wind that cools you but doesn't rock you. Above you fly seagulls, while fish swim freely below. A lighthouse is the perfect choice to escape from busy everyday life, and for getting to know the Adriatic Sea in its full glory. VELI RAT - The best view from above Besides being on the very edge of Dugi Rat with a stunning view of the open sea, even the path to the lighthouse is covered in dense forest so that your isolation from civilisation is at its peak. If, however, you happen to feel like civilisation, just look out from your 40-metre high lighthouse and perhaps you'll catch a glimpse. Right next to the lighthouse lies the beautiful Pantera Bay that resembles a beautiful ocean lagoon, which further contributes to this divine environment. #Zadar_region #adventuretime #bdteam #Spring #lighthouse #DugiOtok

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