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A Country so Gorgeous Even Its #Stone Walls Are Works of Art The art of dry stone walling, know-how and techniques in Croatia were globally recognised in November 2018, when this form of art was added to the Representative List of Intangible #UNESCO Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Perhaps the most impressive example of dry stone walling, certainly when viewed from the air, is the tiny island of Baljenac. Just 0.14 km2 in size, #Baljenac has an incredible 23 km of dry stone walls. Not only that, but the shape of the island and its intricate network of walls resemble a giant fingerprint. The #fingerprint is, of course, a symbol of Croatia since the godfather of dactyloscopy, Ivan Vučetić, was from Hvar. #souniquesobeautiful #SibenikDalmatia #Island #nature_perfection #BDteam #lonelyplanet #instagram

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