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Plitvice Lakes by @sebastian_pervan Legend has it that @plitvicelakes_official  were formed after a massive drought, all thanks to the Black Queen. People, animals and plants longed for a drop of water, and then she appeared. The Black Queen showed mercy to the people and sent rain that kept falling until the water levels grew high enough to form lakes. The water wealth of this oldest, largest, and most famous national park consists of 16 lakes located in the area between Mala Kapela and Plješivica in Lika. The extraordinary nature and abundance of flora and fauna attracts millions of tourists every year from all over the world, and so it is no wonder that Plitvice Lakes are the most visited Croatian national park. In addition to tourists, its beauty was recognised by UNESCO in 1979, which was among the first in the world to pronounce it a World Heritage Site. #plitvicefullexperience #winterwonderland #frozen #Snow #traveltips #travelstory #CroatiaFullOfNature

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