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I ve have tried to meditate for years - I knew it would be amazing but then, you know, life. . Our retreat in the Atacama Desert was about self discovery and to me, an essential part of knowing yourself is learning how to be centered and, as @gwynethpaltrow talked about in our podcast, aligned . I LOVED the teachings of @susan.piver because of their simplicity and actionability - since I came back, I kept my practice. And though I am still terrible at meditating (there is no such thing as that) I can already feel the incredible impact it s having on my life... . PS this is me in the Moon Valley, and these are the Andes behind in the back (can you believe this? The mythical Andes!!!) I am totally NOT meditating and I am posing for the photo and giggling. Also yes I look like some character from Star Wars. . Do you meditate? What s your style? More photos of this amazing, amazing Moon Valley, in stories. Oh and link to my podcast with @gwynethpaltrow in bio. @atelierdore #atelierdoredoes

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