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2018 has been quite an interesting year - very rocky but with amazing highlights and insight. . One of these was our retreat in the Atacama Desert. Honestly, it was quite a jump into the unknown for us to offer a retreat in a place so remote with such spiritual teachings. I remember the fears on my way there. Yet I knew that not only our teachers where amazing but that our community is special and truly open. I trusted us. . It ended up being one of the most stellar and special time of my life. . So as I reflect on this incredible, formative year, It reminds me to keep making fear my friend, to take that leap, go further, leave what doesn t feel authentic anymore, and reach towards what feels true. . What did 2018 teach you? . PS this is salt I am walking on!!! - #atelierdoredoes @susan.piver @tarotbytashi @atelierdore

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