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Some of the most precious moments of my life lately I have spent alone. Took me a very long time to get there. I always had found a way to be surrounded by people. . My trip in Hawaii in November was the first truly alone and at peace. There was no grasping for distractions - I just was there, swimming, walking, driving around, eating, writing, sleeping, wandering. . Being able to be with myself also meant being with the elements completely. Warm waters and earth and rain and wind and let them work their magic on me. . It created something beautiful inside me, like a soul tattoo that I can go back to anytime I need to access a certain sense of peace. Like right now in the middle of a busy airport. . This photo brings me back there instantly. I took it in the early morning - this is a sunrise. (how amazing!)(And it s not me and Lulu in the photo!) . It also reminds me of the emotional power of images. Sometimes today we tend to forget why we take photos - with the likes system, they ve become such a commodity. . But photos at their core are the witness of a moment, gone forever and yet perfectly alive inside of us - whether we were the ones living that moment or not.

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