Actor and Environmentalist

#Regram #RG @unitednations: When the eggs of olive ridley turtles hatch in Sindhudurg, #India, it is one of the local fishermen who carefully collects them from under the sand and releases them into the sea. There are 63 million people living on the country's coastline, and most of them work in fishing, tourism, and other areas directly related to nature. If biodiversity is not protected, the ecosystem becomes unbalanced. India is the second-largest producer of fish in the world. Growing demand on supplies, coupled with destructive fishing practices, was threatening the area, which is one of 11 ecologically critical habitats in the country. With support from #UNDP, the #UnitedNationsDevelopment Programme, fishing communities are taking the lead to protect life under water, creating sustainable livelihoods and preserving the biodiversity around them.In just two years, the number of olive ridley nesting areas protected by villagers increased five-fold. Regram: @undp : UNDP India / Prashanth Vishwanathan#GlobalGoals #SaveOurOcean

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