Actor and Environmentalist

#Regram #RG @sierraclub: Forty-eight years ago on December 2, 1970, the EPA was founded to protect our land, water, air, and climate. Now, Donald Trump has nominated former coal lobbyist and current Acting EPA Admin Andrew Wheeler to head the agency full time. As acting head, he has already fought to allow more pollution and done the bidding of corporate polluters. For a decade, Wheeler has been a lobbyist for the coal industry and has denied the science of climate change. And as Acting Administrator, he has stacked the deck in favor of polluters and against the public by attacking bedrock principles of clean air and clean water, and undermining how EPA calculates health benefits of proposed safeguards. Such a leader at the EPA would pose a threat to the health and safety of everyone in America. The Senate should staunchly oppose any nominee for EPA Administrator that does not put people, our health, our climate, clean air, and clean water before the interests of corporate polluters.

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