Join us Thursday 1.17 for a conversation with Cecile Richard and Cindi Leive 367 Bleecker Street 6-8 PM

On Thursday night I had the amazing opportunity to moderate a panel with three incredibly inspiring women-- activist and supermodel @bethannhardison, @allure Editor-in-Chief @heymichellelee, and Teen Vogue Editor-in-Chief @lpeopleswagner. We talked about fashion, the garment district, diversity, inclusion, the issues that plague our industry and our vision for the future. Overall, an inspiring conversation. Fashion is such a creative world in its ability to visually express new ideas and innovate, yet somehow the industry tends to fall into an archaic pattern with a herd mentality. As a vocal person with a strong perspective and an inclination towards speaking out and advocating, I've been shut down more times than I can count, told to quiet down and stick to making pretty dresses. While disheartening, this only makes me want to speak out more and louder to champion what I believe in. As a creative person, I find inspiration from so many different areas, be it pop culture, politics, social inequality, and always from the strong, resilient and beautiful women of substance. When we opened our concept store on Bleecker Street, I always wanted the space to be more than just a transaction of sales. It had to be a physical manifestation of our brand and what we stand for, a transaction of ideas so we can educate our community and our selves. Knowledge, cultural awareness and exchange is the way to a better future, one that can leave a positive impact on our world. As someone who was brought up by strong women, my mother and my sister (and yes it was her birthday & this conversation was my gift to her ) I have always gravitated towards women with substance and integrity. So to hear and learn from these inspiring women last night was a privilege and an honour. Thank you for joining us last night, and to many more conversations that challenge, provoke, question and inform our future as a stronger, better, brighter one. xPG #pgworld #pgmuse #beautywithsubstance #femininitywithabite #luxurywithsoul #StrongerInColour

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