Ganni show entrance set by me - This is the entrance to the Ganni SS19 show that happened today. The location was huge, huge. When I first received the photos of the space I got so scared about this project. It was too big. Making a large enough set would be such an expensive and not really ethical thing considering a runway show happens in about 30 minutes time and then all has to be broken down and cleaned up. The location of the show used to be a boat factory long time ago. It s very industrial, dusty and filled with cargo containers for ships. I decided to use trucks, kayaks and boats that are normally parked around in that neighborhood. We moved them into the space and arranged them on the wide long runway. We washed the white tarps that were previously used and covered the vehicles with it. The ropes used for securing the tarps are borrowed from a entertainment ranger climbing park next door. This collection is very much a homage to all the typical Danish outdoor activities - camping, kayaking, boat rides.. The white landscape of the set is created using elements of the theme - shapes that are still very familiar even when hidden underneath the cover. Big thank you to @ganni and @moon_intl for being the best people to work with, always.

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