Beauty #movingLOVE

@adesuwa and @stuckinteenage for #love19, by @lynettegarland and @kegrand. Modelling isn t my main goal. It isn t the big picture. But I started taking modelling seriously because I saw where people could go with it. I ve seen so many girls do cool shit. Most of what I care about is Africa-based. It s where I grew up and I have so many attachments to home and there are so many things that need to be done. It s like you re in the club but you know that your kid needs to eat, so you ve got to go home and feed your goddamn kid! That s the worst analogy ever made in the world but it s the truth, says Adesuwa, who was on course to becoming a doctor before modelling, and is now in the midst of writing a children s book. Photographer @lynettegarland Fashion Editor @kegrand Make up @mirandajoyce Hair @bobrecine Interview @giorgiojacobs Casting @bitton

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