Beauty #movingLOVE

Marc Jacobs has always been the inclusive kind. His fashion shows are melting-pots, both on the catwalk and the front row as a matter of fact, a photo of the designer standing between Lil Kim and Sofia Coppola at his Spring 2007 show says it all. When the designer launched Marc Jacobs Beauty in 2013, many asked what took him so long? Well, Jacobs had to make sure he wasn t putting out there a beauty brand that would be a pretext for growth. Carefully executed, Marc Jacobs Beauty welcomed the eclectic range of women who already loved the designer s clothes, and more. This year, the company released the Shameless range, boasting 29 shades associated with 29 corresponding models, all of whom also praised the line for its quality. Fashion and social commentary extraordinaire @pam_boy explores the progress within the beauty industry and how far we still have to go. @msalekwek wearing @marcbeauty in LOVE issue 19 by @charlottemwales and @davidcasavant.

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