Beauty #movingLOVE

I feel like anything I ve cared about in life was as a result of getting into skateboarding Skater and designer @blondey talks to #movingLOVE about the fateful day he decided to leave school after an ultimatum from his headmaster coincided with a Facebook message from Lev Tanju inviting him to join the Palace crew. Watch the full series exclusively at @youtube. Film by @callthis_number @steve__mackey @douglashartfilm Creative Director and Fashion Editor @kegrand Hair @sydhayeshair Make up @mirandajoyce Casting @itboygregk @starworksgroup @bitton @establishmentny Set design @culietta Editor @robbiemailerhowat Audio interview @harriet.verney Music @smaggheandcross @nathangregorywilkins @oldwalkingman Publisher @misscatherinerussell Head of fashion and beauty at @youtube @derekblasberg

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