Jeste li već primijetili trend gole fitness yoge na Instagramu?

Jeste li već primijetili trend gole fitness yoge na Instagramu?

Omiljena društvena mreža je preplavljena fotografijama na tu temu


Mnogi koji su se u tome okušali kažu kako je jogu najljepše vježbati bez odjeće...

Svi znamo za onu da je u zdravom tijelu, gotovo uvijek, zdrav duh. Pa ako ste tip osobe koja se intenzivno bavi svojim tijelom, i to u smislu nekog oblika vježbanja, možda biste se mogli, ako već niste, okušati u yogi, onoj tzv. goloj fitness yogi. Upravo taj trend veće neko vrijeme prisutan je na Instagramu gdje možemo vidjeti senzualne fotografije vježbačica, ali i vježbača koji vježbe izvode bez odjeće. Potpuno goli. Riječ je o yogi novije kategorije koja ujedno podrazumijeva nadahnuće za uživanjem u vlastitom tijelu i svim njegovim mogućnostima, koje se u ovoj verziji itekako mogu vidjeti. Koliko to sve skupa može biti impresivno i motivirajuće provjerite sami u nastavku, gdje vam donosimo nekoliko Insta profila koji su posvećeni upravo tome… 

Four Steps. 1. Find yourself ❤ 2. Love yourself ❤ 3. Accept yourself ❤ 4. Be yourself ❤

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Raw. Stripped. Bare. This was how this move felt for me and I totally didn't expect it. I didn't realize how hard it would be to move to a new place with no resources. However, the kindness of people here and the beauty of the city is what drew me to this place and it came through in all those times I needed it most. I cried to 3 strangers in a park while we walked dogs and they listened until I was done. A yoga studio owner invited me in on a girl's night. My neighbours helped me carry boxes. The man who delivered my bed offered to take me on a city tour. Then last night I was offered a spot at a thanksgiving feast from a man who's lease I was meant to takeover but it fell through at the last minute. Canadians are known for being nice and wow, have I ever felt it here. This move is teaching me once again to soften, to trust, to accept and to appreciate everything and everyone around. Oh ya and deep breaths. Thank god for deep breaths. __________________________ Because our last one filled up so quickly, we opened up 2 yoga teacher trainings this winter: Costa Rica and El Salvador. Apply at @yogaacademyinternational or ❤️

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How do I feel about a growing movement led by the amazing @nude_yogagirl to celebrate and love ourselves, perfect as we are? I feel overjoyed with the words I keep reading from people beginning to fall in love with their bodies, their homes for this lifetime, and I feel sad that one of the mountains we have to climb in this life as women is that ever challenging trek upwards towards loving and accepting ourselves. . •• . I have a big birthday coming up next spring and with so many amazing and beautiful shifts and discoveries and accomplishments in my life this past few years I have been inspired to become my fittest. At first it felt great and exciting but then a voice began to whisper, 'but you know, it will never be enough.' And for awhile I believed it. And I felt sad and hopeless and began to dream of having a different body than my own. Well you know what? F$&k that! It's enough already. I am enough. As I am. Like you, I am perfect and beautiful and everything I need to be happy and whole is inside of this body. My body is strong and soft, smooth and scarred. My body is a journal for my stumbles, heartaches, hopes and dreams. My body speaks a language only I have the privilege of understanding. My body has forgiven me, carried me, trusted me and helped me reach my dreams. My body is shadow and light, a whole damn universe for me to discover, explore and expand. So is yours. A miracle. All of it. I hope you believe it. Sending so much love and gratitude out to each and everyone of you beautiful humans.

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